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Sky Surfing Cheats – Simple tips for luck and coins hack

Sky Surfing is a simple planes simulator type online mobile game. The game developer promises an unique challenges in the game. You can also enjoy the retro style of the original soundtrack while flying in the sky. You mission is very specific – earn more points on the landing platform. The control is easy to learn – just press twice on the screen. You will fly through narrow channels, new lands, big lake and so on. We will help you master the surfing skills in the sky by below Sky Surfing cheats and tips.



In this game, you are not subject to any time limit, so you can take it easy. Relaxed flying can help you avoid the different obstacles in the game. Wherever you are flying, you should get as many surfing as possible. Surfing will save your fuels and make you flying for a long time. Try you best to find the flat place to test your surfing. Surfing is also to good way to earn lots of coins, so you should always keep surfing when you are able to.

Collect coins as many as you can. Coins can supplement your plane with a small amount of fuel. It also can be combined with luck draw to unlock new skins. Some coins are hiding in secret area. You should try hard to find them all. Luck ticket is a premium items designed in the game. You can get one lucky draw with one ticket. Sometimes, you will get rare items in the luck draws. My favorite rewards is getting a new skin. Once your plane have a new skin, it will surfing more fast. As said before, you need combine luck tickets and coins to unlock the skins. So we share our Sky Surfing hack to help you earn them fast and safe. This cheat works on android and ios platforms. So you don’t need to worry about the compatibility.


use Sky Surfing  mod


When you have a perfect surfing through obstacles, you will get a dodge prize in the end. The more dodge prize you get, the more surfing points you will earn. However, we do not suggest this action for new players. For the new guys, this dodging is more like a suicide. We strongly suggest the newbie practicing surfing in the flat place. Once they have more confident about their skills, the can try dodging.

Sky Surfing is an amazing game for all ages. With our Sky Surfing cheats and tips, you will learn how to surf like pro in the sky within a short time.