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Standoff 2 Cheats – easy tips to get more gold hack

Have you miss the legendary shooting game? They are back with the new series called Standoff 2. The new version promises to give players a brand new shooting adventure by adding new maps, new weapons, etc. The game introduces simple visual effects which will make the shooting area more clear. More game modes are imported in the new series. So you will not feel boring for playing this game. The game will starts with a easy level. But it will become very difficult at a sudden point. Hence, we give you Standoff 2 cheats and tips below to help you clear all the difficulties.

At first, you should play with your first two weapons : MP5 and shotgun. Both are powerful weapons in the game. You can get them easily by clear the first stage of the enemies. Once you have equipped them, you should get used to them. Use the MP5 until it’s too inefficient for most enemies, then switch to shotgun. This gun will give your enemy a big damage if used properly. Don’t forget to equipped with any items which will refill your health in time. If you are end up with HP empty, it is game over for you. So prepare more health refilled items is a good action for all the players.

When you find it is hard to get your enemy killed, you should consider to upgrade your weapons. The first choice to upgrade your weapons is the short gun. You have to spend gold to upgrade your first shotgun to the highest level, because when your enemies become stronger, it is the reliable weapon to support your back. In case you need gold fast in this game, we share you Standoff 2 hack which is able to produce unlimited gold to your account without download. Using such cheat tool is always a good choice to get free resource in the game.

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Once you get new weapons, you should equip them as soon as you can. So that you can test them in the battle field immediately. If you find it is not good as your before weapons, we suggest you keep it, do not give it up. In this way, once you have used up all the bullets in your main weapon, you will always have a relatively weapon to choose from.

We have hope that you will become a top player in Standoff 2 game soon if you stick to our Standoff 2 cheats and tips.