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Star Trek Fleet Command is a new series of star trek game. The game allows players to assemble teams of hundreds of officers from different locations and build powerful spaceships to fight against Klingon and Romulan forces. Your goal is to build to epic fleet to rule the galaxy. If you are a fan of star trek, you should download and play this game to discover the old secret of the space. We are sure that the following Star Trek Fleet Command cheats and tips will guide you how to play this game well.



Make sure you know everything about your crews. Each crew has its own advantage and disadvantage, you should take more attention to what they are good at. For example, if one of your crew is good at diplomacy, you should put it in the position which match its skill. You have to use the right crews to perform the right tasks in order to move forward through the event tree. Before start a battle, make sure your crews and spaceships are prepared well and fully equipped. You should find out that each spaceship and crew member has its own equipment slot. Once these slots are equipped, their skills will be improved a lot. So pay attention to choose the right item to improve their skills.

Latinum is a premium currency in the game. You need latinum to upgrade your spaceship and crew members. So finding a good way to earn latinum is the key to success in this game. You can get latinum by completing the auxiliary tasks which assigned by the Star Trek faction. But my favorite method to get latinum is to use Star Trek Fleet Command hack. Because this tool will give users a large amount of latinum in a few minutes without paying. If you are curious of Star Trek Fleet Command hack, you can try it yourself.


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One more useful tips we want to share with you is that always try to replay the old tasks you’ve accomplished, this is the best way to get more rare items in the game. The more rare items your have, the more powerful your spaceships will be. So try your best to find the easy tasks to complete one by one! Soon, you will find your inventory is full of rare items.

We can confirm that if you are stick to our Star Trek Fleet Command cheats and tips, you will eventually have your own powerful spaceship to dominate the star system!