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SuperStar PLEDIS Cheats – Tips for more diamonds hack

SuperStar PLEDIS is a music type mobile game which will make players embark on a journey of rhythm. If you have play other music game before, you should be familiar with the control system. Your goal is to make your artists become superstars via hitting the right rhythm in the music competition. This game features simple user interface. The developers pay more attention to the matching of rhythm and color in order to achieve collaborative games. In order to help you master all the songs in a short period, we provide you SuperStar PLEDIS cheats and tips below.

Don’t rush through the tutorial. The game provides “how-to-play” guide for all players to learn the control system. If you are a new player of this type of music game, you must pay attention to this tutorial. Don’t miss every part of the guide. Because it will help you make fast progress in the game. Once you miss the guide by mistake, don’t worry, you can replay the tutorial any time via the main menu of the screen.

Complete daily tasks frequently. Daily tasks are what you need to do every day in order to maximize your resources. You will see the task button on the left corner of the screen. Once you click into it, you will see the task lists including the basic ones and the pro-level missions. You should choose the suitable level mission to complete. Don’t rush to the pro-level tasks if you are not yet ready. Once you complete the mission successfully, you will get some rewards.

Diamonds play a very important role in this game. You need diamond to unlock powerful artist card which will help you achieve the high level mission. Usually, you can get diamonds by watching the ads and finish the request tasks. But earning big amount of diamonds in such ways will cost you much time and energy. We suggest you try SuperStar PLEDIS hack to generate diamonds to your account. It will give you instant access to your resources within a few minutes.

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Practice more. You need a lot of practice to keep improving your rhythm hitting skills. It’s easy to start. However, as the songs get harder and faster, the game becomes more and more difficult. If you fail the first time, don’t give up, keep trying and trying again until you overcome your fail song. Replaying the same song can help you remember all the hitting path, which makes it easier to proceed.

It’s not easy to become pop musician, but with the help of SuperStar PLEDIS tips and cheats, we are sure that you can reach your goal soon.