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Tacticool Cheats – 5 minutes tips for more gold coins hack

Tired of usual first person shooting game? Try Tacticool now – a real time 5v5 shooting mobile game. The game allows you to fight your enemy with a variety of weapons. You can play fast games with other players, or work with other real snipers to fight groups of enemies. Unique tactics play a very important role in this game. You have to master hundreds of tactics to unlock all battle maps. If you want to succeed in this game, you should follow our Tacticool cheats and tips below.

Always remember to take cover. Cover yourself up will make you far away from explosion. You can also move between cover points to better deal with your enemy. Our usual tactics are hiding behind our opponents then give them surprise shooting. This usually works in most cases. When you don’t fire or you are loading your ammo, you’d better hide in a concealment to prevent the enemy from firing. Grenade is the most damage weapons in this game. You have to avoid them as long as you can. Taking good cover will help you avoid them usually.

When you are dealing with high level enemy, you need powerful weapons. The only way to make your weapons powerful is frequent upgrade. Firepower is the most important part when taking upgrade. Although the system will tell you the recommended firepower point, you should try your best to make it to the maximum point as long as you can. Gold coins are the necessary resources you need to upgrade your weapons. How to get more gold coins – is the most asked question in the Tacticool game community. Some advanced players suggest that making use of Tacticool hack can give you full amount of gold coins in a few minutes. So if you need it, you can give it a try!

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Make use of one click reward system. The game is very generous in rewarding advanced players. It promises to give players big rewards when they reach level 59. Once you achieve this target, you will see a reward button. When you push it, you will get gold coins, experience points and other merchandise. You can click this button up to 59 times. We highly recommend all players to complete this mission. This is a good chance to win lots of gold coins in the game.

This is all for Tacticool cheats and tips. If you find something useful want to share with us, don’t forget to contact us. Have a nice shooting, guys!