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Tap Empire: Idle Clicker is a unique free clicker created by Flaregames GmbH for mobile devices. The game successfully weaves challenge system to mix endless stages on the map. In the game your goal is to help Piggy B become rich and famous. The game play is easy to every one. You just need tap tap tap on the screen to collect Magic items, build an empire, make more money. But if you are not careful, you will eventually be overwhelmed by the puzzle. We are here to share some Tap Empire cheats and tricks in this strategic tutorial.



When you start playing Tap Empire, you will find out some easy way to collect coins. Before you get coins, you must complete a phase to advance and unlock more business and higher levels of every stage. At end of each stage, you have to deal with stage boss within a certain time. Once you complete the challenge in time, you will get lost of coins as a reward. Each mission will only give you a limited amount of time to complete. So you need to know which type of enemy give you most reward, you just need to focus on it. Getting permanent upgrades of skills will make this game more easier. Also you can make use of Tap Empire hack to open up new upgrades and increase their working hours.

Remember, you should always unlock technology to improve the production of the most profitable businesses and then move to other people, one at a time. Though this may cost you much of time, in long term, this will actually speed up all your businesses. So you should keep running this strategic. Gems will help you shorten the processing time, if in need, you should spend some gems on this action. If you are lack of gems, you can collect toolboxes from the home menu, which will give you a few gems some time. Besides purchasing gems in the game store, you can try below Tap Empire hack mod tool, which has the ability to give you full gems instantly in a safe way.


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There is one import point you should keep in mind. You can click reset or even reach the zero-time counter to make sure you always get enough time to collect money as much as possible. That’s all. We hope you enjoy this tap empire cheats to make your growing business to earn more wealth and unlock more profit potential in the game.