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Tiny Gladiators 2 Cheats – Tips for getting unlimited diamonds hack

Do you miss Tiny Gladiators? A new series of this game called Tiny Gladiators 2 has been released on iOS and Android platforms. If you played the previous version of Tiny Gladiators, you should be familiar with their gaming system. The developer has made great improvements in Tiny Gladiators 2. The game has became more challenging. You have to spend more time to learn the battle skills now. However, it’s not an impossible game to master. We will share some Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats and tips to help you master the gladiators management.



Choose the suitable gladiators. There are several different types of gladiator heroes in this game, each with its own unique style, strengths and weaknesses. You have to pick up the best gladiators for yourself. We recommend you choose sword and shield gladiators as your first partners. Because they have very high defense ability, can block the attack of most enemies. Once you are familiar with these basic type gladiator, you can try to control different type gladiators such as two-armed gladiator if you have enough diamonds to unlock them.

Remember to train your gladiators. Keeping your gladiators training will improve your chances of winning any battle. You can train them up to six times, and the first thing to remember is that it’s much cheaper to do this before you upgrade. As your gladiators improve, the training cost will increase accordingly. One more thing you should keep in mind that your gladiators will lose a training key every few days, which means you should monitor their progress and avoid training below five.

You can make use of our Tiny Gladiators 2 hack to get more diamonds. As you know, you need diamonds to unlock and train your gladiators. So it is a good idea to find a trust way to earn lots diamonds. So we provide you Tiny Gladiators 2 hack. Of course you can use other ways to collect diamonds such as completing daily request to get a one-time diamond-spin. But this just means that you have chance to get diamonds reward not 100%.


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The most effective strategy we use in this game is that attack your enemies from behind. Once you’ve done well, you can change the rules of the game. Always remember to activate your gladiators’ skills before fighting. Some skills save your life when you are in trouble. Blocking is a must master skill which allow your gladiator to block your enemies’ attack! So make sure you spend some time on learning skills.

That’s all for Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats tips. If you have any ideas want to share with us, just contact us via email! Have a good fighting!