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Torque Drift is a multiplayer drift racing mobile game. This game allows you to build your own car, take part in the drifting competition. The game promise to provide amazing graphics and realistic drifting movements to players. In order to smooth your way to victory, you have to make sure you drift at the right time and place.  There are a few things you need to learn to master the drifting control system. Below we will discus Torque Drift cheats and tips in detail, so you can easily take up this game.

Finding the right drifting time is important. Once you start your car, you will find that all the actions are automatically done for you except drifting. You don’t have to brake or refuel, the only thing you need to do is to find a perfect time and location to perform drifting. When you see the yellow track light, it means that you are going to enter drifting area. Once you start to drift, you have to make sure to tap the screen bar with your fingers to keep your cars running in the green zone which is a safe area for drifting. Drifting too early or too late is the reason you fail in drifting competition.

Equip your cars with intelligent card. The game provides the winner with intelligent card which can be used to upgrade your cars. Each car in this game has two main attributes: power and nitro. If you current car is power style, then you should give high priority to equip them power cards. Nitro is also an important status of your cars. You should not ignore it. The ultimate goal should be build a statistically balanced car. So you should focus on your cars’ statistic before choosing the right card to equip.

You can’t make sure to win each competition. So if you need more intelligent cards to improve your cars, getting more money is the only way you can do in this game. Here is a instant method to earn unlimited money with in a few minutes – make use of Torque Drift hack. Other players have tried it successfully to break through their money limits.

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You man want to compete drifting as much as you can to earn more rewards. However, our suggestion is don’t go too far. This game only allow you to unlock one chest box each competition. Once you are done in the competition, no matter how many drifts you have made, there is no chance to get a chest box reward. So it is smart to save your drift for next challenge.

That’s all our Torque Drift cheats and tips. We hope you do learn drifting skills from it and will become the king of drifting one day!