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UNO! Mobile Cheats – Tips for more diamonds hack

The world’s number one card game UNO! finally come to mobile devices. Now you can get UNO! mobile in iOS and Android Platforms. You will experience a classic real time card match in this mobile version. 2X2 mode makes the game more challenge and exciting. You are going to play games with friends and strangers from all over the world. Strategic skills become more important in this situation. To help you overcome all the bad conditions in this card game, we provide some useful UNO! Mobile Cheats and tips as below.

Take part in championships as frequently as you can. By doing this, you will get more rewards. Championships usually include four rounds. Each round is about 2 minutes. So you should try your best to think quickly and act fast. In order to increase your winning chance, you also need to use different strategies to surprise your opponents. The best way to take up such round is to eliminate all the special cards within a half minute. Once the timer is set to zero, you can’t do any action anymore.

Choose a good player to join your team when you are in 2×2 game mode. If you want to succeed in 2×2 mode, you should spend some time on partner selection. Try your best to pick up the best player in the leading board to join your team. If they refuse your first invitation, don’t give up. Try to invite them again. Usually, they will say yes after a few invitations.

Unlock special cards with diamonds. The more special cards you have, the more chance you will have to take up the match. Diamonds are very difficult to get in this game. Based on our game play, you will only get several diamonds by completing daily missions. So if you are looking for legit way to earn more diamonds within a short time, we suggest you try UNO! Mobile hack. It is a safe and secured tool which will help you generate diamonds as many as you wish.

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Get into the social element. Each time you start the game, you will get notices for social network request. Some players may feel this function is annoying. However, if you want to get the most playback value from the game, you should really connect into your social network. The more friends requests you send in your social network, the more rewards you will get in the game.

At last, we have confidence that you will eventually climb up to the top ranking in the leading board if you are stick to our UNO! Mobile cheats and tips.