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Wolf The Evolution Cheats

Wolf: The Evolution online is a simulation mobile game which is about the wolf evolution story! You are going to help the wolf get out of struggling in the wilderness, expand their territory. Your task is to make the wolf evolve naturally and healthy. Though it is a wolf simulation game, you can also interact online with other players. So you may also call it MMO style simulator. If you are new players, you may find something beyond your knowledge. But don’t worry, we present our Wolf The Evolution cheats and tips below to help you learn and master the wolf evolution adventure.

Learn how to control the wolf firstly. These controls may take some time to adapt, but in the end, you will be easily move your wolf in the right direction. To increase your wolf ‘s speed and strength you have to slip the screen with two fingers. In order to keep your wolf alive, you have to feed your wolf with food. The more energy the food contains, the more stronger your wolf will grow. Continuous eating creatures will increase your exp points multiplier. The more exp points your wolf score, the quicker the wolf can evolve!

You should be noticed that not every wolf has the powerful attack. Alpha Wolf is a leader type wolf and betas wolf is support type wolf. You have to place them in the right position when they are on fighting and hunting. Wolf hunters should be the biggest enemy to wolf. If your wolf encounter them, you can choose to fight against them or void them quietly. This all depends on your wolf’s fighting abilities. You can upgrade your wolf via gems to make them more stronger and more powerful. Here is Wolf The Evolution hack which can generate unlimited gems for you in this game. It is a great tool to help your wolf evolve quickly.

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The gems you earn in the game can be also used to unlock new wolf. It is smart to enlarge to your wolf family with all kinds of wolf. You can earn gems faster by completing special task. These tasks will be available every month when your wolf reach level 9. As an additional reminder, you may not need to complete all the tasks, you just need to spend time on finding high earned mission, then complete them. You will find you can earn more gems than before!

At last, we hope you get something important from this article to help the wolf evolve naturally and become more stronger.