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Wonka’s World of Candy Cheats

Wonka’s World of Candy Cheats – Tips for Unlimited Gold Hack

Wonka’s World of Candy is a perfect matching 3 puzzle game. In the game, you will help Wonka get a key to his candy factory by beating the puzzle chocolate factory. Games can solve different puzzles by matching three or more tiles. Once you have confidence in your skills, you can start fighting other players to win the match. While you are enjoying your matching, you may find some difficulties in the game. So we provide you Wonka’s World of Candy cheats tips to help you escape from the troubles.



When you have no idea how to start your first step, you should complete the game tutorial firstly. The basic level of the tutorial will teach you basic concept of the game. Such as how to combine two similar elements together. There are many extra skills in this game. If you don’t know what to do, you will find it difficult to win the game. Once you have complete the tutorial, you should head to your first level matching. Each level has its own goal that need to be achieved. Usually it will require you to match a given number of specific tiles. Always remember to check the top left corner of the screen to see how many steps or time to complete the puzzle. The less time and steps you used to clear the stage, the more gold you will get after the game.

Pay attention to the stars status which is located on top right menu. Collect more stars as soon as you can. Once you have collect all ten stars, you will get a chest with various rewards. This reward will help you unlock more powerful UPS. Fully matched 3 levels will give you another opportunity to open new stories in factories. Gold also be used to unlock more new stories and buy powerful matching skills. So getting more gold is the key to win this game easily. Wonka’s World of Candy hack is the tool which many players used to earn gold in this game. If you don’t want to step behind your competitors, you should try this hack yourself.


use Wonka's World of Candy mod


Make sure to use your new matching skill to help you clear the stage. One example is the clear orange skill of PANALION, which clears all the boards on all orange jewels. Some skills will give you more matching options in case you get into trouble. So once you have gold, you should consider to buy more skills.

That’s all for Wonka’s World of Candy cheats and tips. We hope you learn the perfect matching skills to help Wonka to unlock all new factories.