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Z Day Hearts of Heroes Cheats – Unlimited Gold Hack

Z Day Hearts of Heroes is a latest hot MMO in 2018. After many years, the world war has became a crazy zombies party. You need to summon your allies to work together to defeat the zombies and break the fort. You are able to communicate with thousands of players from all over the world in real time to make up your fighting plans. In order to survival, you have to collect resources and build your base. If you find it hard to keep up with what you need to do, you can get some Z Day Hearts of Heroes Cheats tips and guide below.



Make a good plane to protect your headquarters. The headquarters is the center of operation, so it is naturally the most important building you have. The most effective way to protect your headquarters is to upgrade it frequently. Once your headquarters reach level 8, your marching ability will increase a lot. This means that you can send more troops to collect resources, recruit enemies and attack other players. You will need gold to upgrade your headquarters. Here is Z Day Hearts of Heroes hack, which will help you earn unlimited gold in the game.

Keep training and upgrading your troops. You have there units in your playground. They all can be trained and upgraded. Upgrading their facilities will enhance training capacity and will unlock better troops. The training also cost your gold. The more training you do, you more gold you need. We suggest you make use of Z Day Hearts of Heroes hack to get gold. Because it will save you time and money.


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March slot is another key elements you should pay attention to in this game. It decides how many troops you can send out at one time. To increase your attack ability, you should find a way to enlarge your march slots. Some players will purchase some enhancement for these slot in the trading center. But for me, I usually upgrade my troops’ inventory to max level. So the march slot will also increase to the max capacity.

The last thing you should remember is that you need help from other allies to succeed in the game. To join the alliance, you must first establish an embassy. Once you have an embassy, you can send and receive reinforcements. Treat your allies as your own troops. They will give you much support when you are in trouble.

Take a note at what you have learned from Z Day Hearts of Heroes cheat tips and guide, you will easily win the game and end this war soon.