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Axolochi Cheats – How to hack unlimited pearls in 3 minutes

The Axolochi is probably one of the most super-cute aquatic creatures in mobile pet type game. Your task is to help them grow into hundreds of amazing shapes and colors. Like any other virtual pet, you need to give out constant love and attention to this lovely pet. You can put all the different teenage Axolochi into your training plan. Only one goal matters in this training – you need to make sure they grow into a happy and healthy Axolochi. So we will share some Axolochi cheats and tips to tell you how to improve the training skills in the game.



Don’t worry too much about how you’ll feed your baby Axolochi, because all you have to do is touch the bottom of the screen. Your axolochi will get filled automatically. Once your pet is full, you will get experience point, which will your Axolochi’s evolution. The most easy way to earn experience point is to feed your Axolochi as much as possible during they are hungry. But don’t overdo it, once your Axolochi feels unhappy, you should stop the feeding. Another method to help your pet grow fast is to make use of our Axolochi hack.

The food play an important role int this game. You should always remember to buy new type food to your pet. Be sure to try different food types on different axes, and you may get different results. The food cost you coins, so you need more coins to get lots of food. Playing the mini game is the easy way to get coins. These mini games are quite simple. As you can play these games as long as you like, at last, you will acquire enough coins.

However, if you need to create a type of Axolochi, you have to buy a new egg. You need pearls to buy new eggs. Pearl is the only way to get new egg in the game. So the more pearls you have, the more eggs you will get. It is the premium currency in the game. Every time you log into the game, you will get some free pearls. If you need large amount of pearls, you can purchase them in game store using real money. Most players will not spend money on this, instead they always use below Axolochi hack to generate pearls.


use Axolochi mod


Before you play Axolochi, we recommend you read above cheats tricks and guides firstly. We believe this tutorials will help you get more creatures unlock.