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Battlelands Royale is a casual real time battle game that everyone can enjoy. You need to take part in various challenges and different combat activities to win your trophy. Once you download the game, you will be surprised by its simple control system. Everything happens very quickly in this game. You have to learn quickly and act fast to adjust yourself in the right position in the game play. The game features a huge map with awesome places to fight in. There are many places to explore inside and outside the battlefield, as well as other learning methods. It may seem difficult at first. Don’t worry, our latest Battlelands Royale cheats and tips will get through this.

Try to choose your friends to play with. The key to win in this game is having a fantasy team. Although you can still coordinate with random people you can partner with, it may take time to understand each other’s strengths and weakness. What’s more, you need spend more time on studying how to work perfectly with strange players. The worst result may be that you will find you can’t do team work with them at last. So we recommend you play with your closed friends. This will save your time and energy.

Try every character you unlock in the game. Trying is always a good way to get best partner. Once you get a new character, you should activate it immediately and replace your current role with it. Try to use it on the battle. To learn which things they are good at. This is very helpful to build a effective attacking team. Keep in mind that familiarizing with each role will not only improve your proficiency in using them, but you will also know how to deal with each battle effectively.

Battle bucks are the only resource you should care in this game. As it is very difficult to earn battle bucks, many players are forced to purchase them via game store. Based on the game community’s saying, players are spending more than hundred dollars on the game each month. Is it possible to get free battle bucks? The answer is yes. Based on our research, there are players who are making use of Battlelands Royale hack to generate bucks for them. This hacking service has been revealed to the public since last year. You can try it yourself if you are interested in it.

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Remember the safe zone as much as you can. You know, you can’t always beat your enemy. Sometimes, you need to find place to get cover. That’s why you should mark the safe zones as much as possible. Once you are in danger, you can hide in these places to restore your health. All the safe zones are marked with green color. Once you see such color, you should note it down immediately.

Finally, we hope this tutorial will help you get more wins in the royale fighting. If you know other tricks of Battlelands Royale, you can share with us.