BLACK COMMAND Cheats – Get Unlimited Gold Hack

CAPCOM’s latest iOS and Android first person shooters are dedicated to all shooting enthusiasts – BLACK COMMAND. Struggle for profit in this modern war game and lead an elite mercenary team to fight for justice. Use your trusted sniper rifle to engage in intense combat and to take advantage of our BLACK COMMAND Hack Mod Tool in this competition.



To succeed in the competition, you must train your shooting skill well. As you progress, you will be able to collect powerful custom weapons that can be combined with special gears and skills. In this way, you can define your own shooting style. Make sure you practice your goal, because if you miss it, you may not have a second chance. Survival instincts must be kicked in from the very beginning. If you die when you are born, don’t lose heart, but use the limited time to familiarise yourself with the map as soon as possible.

When you start a battle, it’s also better to play with a team, as you can learn how your senior teammates move without worrying about death. Be wisely when upgrading your troops with real small arms and equipment. As this action will cost you gold which is the premium currency in the game. The more gold you have in the game, the most powerful team you will own. So you should take a good care of this resource. The easiest way to get gold is by making use of our BLACK COMMAND Hack. With the help of our tool, you will be able to generate infinite amount of Cash and Gold. The currencies can be used for enhancing your skills, purchasing new equipment, outfits, and much more.




Leveling is not enough to make you stronger. If you want to keep winning, you need stronger equipment, get your strategic advantage by guiding your troops into flanking positions, pliers maneuvers and traps. Mastery of goals takes time and patience, but this is the first skill you need to master. Adding more team death contests will help you adapt to combat systems and control, while having allies to take care of your back.

Just follow above BLACK COMMAND cheats tips and techniques and you will become a professional player in a certain time.