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Board Kings is classic dice rolling mobile game which will allow you create your own landmarks, customize it, and make sure it runs like a well-lubricated machine. But the difference between other games is that you need to roll a dice to decide how to move and what to do. You can visit friends’ boards, destroy and conquer their buildings, and control their landmarks in the game. Also, you have to defend your own boards from attacking. We will teach you how to roll smartly and we will keep our Board Kings cheats and tips simple and short. So that you can understand it easily.

Spend some time on building your own landmark. You may find out that at the first time you start the game, your board is empty. You have to make your first roll to decide what to do. Building your own landmark is the best choice for your first decision. To make your own landmark, we suggest you keep your design as simple as possible from the start. Because you only have limited resources, you won’t have too many choices anyway. Building landmark can also improve the happiness level of rabbit residents.

Make a plan to defend and attack other boards. If you want to enlarge your boards, you have to attack other boards in the game. After the winning of the competition, you will get your opponent’s boards. You need to collect more resources such as gems and coins to increase your power and luck so that you can get a best action in the dice rolling. When you land on one of special tiles, you will get an enhancement card which will give you free gems as gifts. If you are not satisfied with the number of gems you get, if should try Board Kings hack, which will earn you unlimited gems in a short time. This is the secret why other players have lots of dice rolling times.

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There are total 18 boards in the game. If you want to conquer all the boards, you have to spend lots of time on them. Once you have completed a board, you will get an enhancement card as reward. The more card you get, the much happier your rabbits will be. We recommend that you complete them as many as possible so that you have more opportunities to expand and improve your landmark.

This is all our Board Kings cheats and tips. If you have other suggestions or any ideas about how to improve your rolling luck, be sure to let us know!