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CarX Drift Racing 2 Cheats

CarX Drift Racing 2 Cheats – Get more silver and gold hack

The most anticipated drift racing game is back with a new series – CarX Drift Racing 2! This series is now in a “high-speed” state. There are more different models, tons of upgrades, you can apply to your cars now! The game promise you will have realistic experience of driving a sports car on one of many tracks. If you want to make rapid progress through the drifting, we have the following things you need. We plan to give you a more detailed about gameplay guide and share you some CarX Drift Racing 2 cheats and tips.



Try to make a perfect start! Your goal is simple and clear in the game. You need to get a perfect start, which means that once you start your car, make sure you can find the perfect location point to drift. Rapid tapping is the only action you need to do, but not too out of control, to keep the controller dance in the green area. If your controller is out of the green area, it will increase the wheel rotation and slow you down. So make sure your controller keep dance in the green area is the key to perform a perfect drifting. This is not easy for new players. You need to practice more to find the right feeling. If you start with a little bit of slow rotation, you don’t have to worry too much. With some practice, you should get off to a perfect start most of the time.

There are five upgrade slots in your cars. You need to fill them up as soon as possible, if you want to win each race easily. Upgrade your cars will give you the most advantage you need in a tougher race. You can upgrade your cars in the black market with silver and gold. They are in-game currencies which are used to buy rare items and upgrading. You can get them randomly by opening chest boxes. You have to buy boxes before open them. However, this may reduce your financial situation in the game. So we share the most used tool CarX Drift Racing 2 hack to save your finance. It can give you lots of gold and silver at the same time without cost. So try it yourself is you need more resources.


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In particular, we strongly recommend you unlock the nitro tank of your car first. Once it is unlocked, you will have nitro booster which will increase the extra speed of your car. Using nitro booster wisely will make you defeat your opponent easily.

Now you have learned all our CarX Drift Racing 2 cheats and tips, you should be able to perform the perfect drifting in the game!