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Cats & Cosplay Tower Defense Cheats

Cats & Cosplay Tower Defense Cheats – More Coins Hack

Cats & Cosplay Tower Defense is Pixel Pros’s unique game, where you bring so many different cats to defense your home. The game is addictive, especially for those who play to unlock all the achievements. The graphics feature a lovely half pixel art style, and in addition to completing your project collection, you can get new cats by collecting coins. If you wants to finish the battle quickly and unlock and solve all the secrets in the game, just come to read our Cats & Cosplay Cheats Tips and Tricks below.



At the start of Cats & Cosplay, you’ll have three cats, which means you’ll get new items unlock more cats to build your army. Every new cat will ask for more and more coins, which can be bought daily with prizes or real cash. So remember, once you collect five coins, you should get a new cat. From then on, you should spend all the coins on the cats so that you can send all three cats to the treasure hunt at the same time. When you played the game for some time, you will see, the first cat is free, the second costs 100 coins to send, and the third is 180 coins. It means that all three kittens are searching for stolen goods outside, each time you spend 280 coins. So be careful when you unlock new cats in the store.

The goal of this guide is to help you solve secrets and build your cat army without spending money, so we assume that all of our readers don’t want to spend real money. Some of the ways that you could use for earning coins in limited amounts have been listed below. However, to acquire coins in huge amounts, you can make use of a reliable Cats & Cosplay Hack.

  • By playing one of the three mini games (including catch fish, play snake and guide a cat to eat steak) you will get extra coins.
  • Solving daily secrets will reward you some coins.
  • If you want the easiest way of getting coin, try our Cats & Cosplay Cheats Mod


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Cats & Cosplay is one of those games, perfect for relieving stress and playing it at work. It is a good idea to play with your friends. Join your friends to unlock more cats, more level until you take over the world in the game. So let’s star the adventure now.