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Cooking Joy 2 Cheats – Tips for getting instant gems hack

Cooking Joy 2 is the new series of cooking joy mobile game. The new series inherits a challenging spirit and have more fun. You will be able to own a restaurant and satisfying thousands of people with your delicious food. You will have a brand new cooking adventure in the game. This is your chance to become a real chef. Now, let’s take a look at our Cooking Joy 2 game play guide which contains lots of useful cheats and tips about how to become a real chef.

Making your first simple dish first! It’s always a good idea to learn to cook a simple dish at the first time. It will drive you be familiar with the game control system. French fries is your first cook, as this is the simple dish in the game. When customers order French fries, you need to follow some steps to provide them delicious fries.  You just need to tap the top menu to find related material, then mix them up within a few minutes. That’s done! Now you have more confident to provide customers more delicious food!

Make a plan to upgrade and buy new cooking equipment! Upgrading and buying new tools means you just need to spend less time for preparing food. You only need to focus on design the receipt menu! This will short your whole cooking process period and make your customers more happy! You have to spend gems on the upgrading. The more gems you own, the more efficient equipment you will have. At first you only have few gems in your pocket, but after you serve more customers well, you will get enough gems in the end. If you don’t want to wait for a long time to get enough gems, you can try Cooking Joy 2 hack. It’s the instant way to earn gems at the moment.

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Cooking hundreds of delicious dishes is not easy, you have to keep making fresh cooking idea to achieve this. The best way to get cooking idea is to write down each receipt you have cooked before every day! Once you have mastered all the cooking skills, you will be more clear of your cooking method.  On the other hand, you should always remember to short your cooking time. As mentioned above, upgrade your equipment will help you do this. All you are doing is to make your customers more happy.

Finally, we hope these Cooking Joy 2 cheats and tips will help you start your own cooking journey smoothly.