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Crown Four Kingdoms is a fantasy animation style mobile game. You will be surprised by its high quality 3D stage and attractive story lines. If you love real time and large scale Kingdom war, you should not miss this game. Your goal is to conquer all your enemies and united all kingdoms into one. To accomplish your mission, you have to recruit your favorite heroes and build your own empire. We are willing to help you start the right path and solve any problem that you may have in the game. So keep on reading our Crown Four Kingdoms cheats and tips below.



Make sure you know everything about your heroes. Once you choose the kingdom you will fight for, you need to summon and recruit your heroes to help you. Heroes are arranged in a rare order and coded accordingly. Each hero has its own class. There are total four classes design in the game: Warrior, Assassin, Ranger and Wizard. You should choose the best class to suits your personality. For example, if you like attack, you should choose warrior and assassin. Once you decides your heroes’ class, you should take a look at its physical stats. You should have a clear viewing of what is your heroes’ advantage and disadvantage. Then set up a plan to improve your hero’s weakness in the kingdom war fighting.

Make use of the class transfer system. You should know that your hero’s class can be change in a certain condition. Once your hero reach level seven, you have a chance to transfer your hero’s class. So don’t give up when you choose the wrong class for your hero at first. Class transferring will cost you diamonds (a premium currency in the game). For that, you have to prepare lots of diamonds in your pocket. The easier and secure way to earn diamonds is by using Crown Four Kingdoms hack. This hacking service will make your diamond-bar full in a few minutes. As you have unlimited diamonds in your hands, you can transfer your hero’s class frequently. What’s better, you can upgrade your hero’s ability to max level.


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You can wear all kinds of attractive fashion clothes in the game. This is the most exciting point for me. To change your clothes, you need to head over to character menu. Then select the clothes you like in your closet. Of course, you need diamonds to unlock all new clothes. But with above mentioned mod, you should not have any problem to do that.

Now you have known how to do the best job in Crown Four Kingdoms, you should feel more confident to fight against rival kingdoms from all over the world.