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Destiny Child is a simple 2D RPG mobile game! Though the game play is simple, you will be attracted by its very unique and interesting story line. Every child has a fascinating story, you need to spend time to explore them individually. In the game, you need to recruit your destiny child to fight with you. You can choose your team according to your preferences. You need to make up perfect strategies in order to defeat your enemy. Therefore, we provide some useful Destiny Child Cheats and Tips to help you conquer the game.



Focus on your first child! When you move forward in the initial chapters of the adventure, you need to start choosing your start child who is the initial hero you can summon. To decide which child to join your team, you may have to consider the level of the child. What you need to do is work around a team that works well around your high level child. The best choice is always to pick up the one who can cover all physical attacks and magic attacks at the same time. Keep in mind that the rarities determine the overall strength of your child. Because higher rarities do own better attributes and skill sets.

Summon more child to protect you! In addition to your fist child, you have to recruit more child to join your team. After the completion phase of the adventure mode, you may get some child as a gift. Plus the fast way to summon more child is using summon crystal which is the premium currency in the game. One summon stone give you a chance to get a destiny child. The more stones you have, the more chance you will get to summon child. Here is the frequent used tool Destiny Child hack, many players use it to harvest crystals and stone in this game. You can test Destiny Child hack in your devices to earn more crystals.


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Keep you child upgraded! The most important thing you need to do is always upgrade your child when you are able to. You can provide your child with upgrade cards received from adventure and upgrade them to the next star level. The level of the cards you feed to your child determines its chances of success. Once your child reach the highest level of seven stars, you can wake them up without summoning. If you desire to spend more time on it, it’s enough to rank your child high enough to succeed in story mode.

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