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Do you want to experience a brand new empire simulation RPG game? If you answer is yes, then you really try Game of Sultans. This game has been popular for a year in the game store. Many players immerse themselves in the game for hours a day. You will walk through how to build you empire and manage it. You can invade new territory, get bonuses, gather your palace, and maintain your royal family for decades. This is a very profound and complex game, there are many things to learn. That’s why we’ve come up with the latest Game of Sultans cheats and tips to help step fast in the game

Follow the general tasks to progress your game. If you have played strategy game before, you should know that It’s best to follow tasks before anything happens. Because these general tasks will put you on the right game path. Before sending army to conquer other countries, make sure to follow your vizier’s opinion. This will give you good chance to train your vizier. Many people ignore this. So they will lost the experience of improving their vizier. We hope you don’t make the same mistake.

Gather your palace as soon as possible. Palace here refers to the beautiful and influential queen. They can help you manage family business and give birth to your next generation. What you do is to spend more time to visit Harem building. In there, you will chat with your future queen, make good relationship with them. You can visit unmarried women as many as you want. But just remember that, each women has only two times communication. Once you reach the limit, the woman will leave until time reset. You may ask is it possible to break the limit? Fortunately, the game allow player to get more communication chance by using crystal.

Crystals play a very important role in the game. The more you own, the better your empire’s future will be. Become VIP member in the game is an option to earn lots of crystals. However, you need to buy the VIP member each month if you want to keep the benefits. This should be a lot of money for many players. The alternative method is making use of Game of Sultans hack. It is a crystal generator which has been used for months. There is no issue found so far.

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Do more research with your viziers. You should spend lots of time on research with your viziers, although it may be quite time-consuming. However, this will help you increase the good relationship with your viziers. Specifically, we recommend you focus on military research, because it will allow you to unlock more advanced troops and gain more strength when attacking.

Thanks for your time on this guide. We hope you choose the right and fast path on building and managing your empire.