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Ghostbusters World Cheats – 5 minutes tips to hack gems

Ghostbusters World is the latest ghost hunting AR game which is released by Four Thirty Three. if you have played other similar AR title game before, you should know well the game’s mechanisms. In the game, you have to capture all the ghost around the city. You also have opportunity to enjoy classic movies and characters from the 1980s. In order to capture all the ghost in the city, you need latest spectrum neutralization and capture technologies. We are here to give you some Ghostbusters World cheats tips and tricks, so that you can run the game smoothly.



The game provides your two options when you deal with ghosts. One is to capture them, the other is to destroy them. In my opinion, you should focus on capturing ghosts. Because the capturing process will make you most have fun. What’s worse, you need more ammunition to destroy them. Trapping is the only way to get ghost. So you have to spend more time on learning trapping skill. Once you capture some ghosts, you should put them into inventory immediately, otherwise, they will disappear from your hands.

When you have enough ghosts in your inventory, you should consider to improve your ghosts’ skill. During the upgrading process, you should focus on one or two ghosts. You do not need to improve all your ghosts. That’s waste of resources. Upgrading ghosts cost your gems. So you have to prepare lots of gems if you need more upgrades. In case you want to get gems fast then take help from the Ghostbusters World hack. These types of mod services are highly beneficial in collecting a big amount of gems.

Once your ghost reaches A level, you should stop the upgrading, as level A is the top rank for all the ghosts. The more A level ghosts you have, the stronger ghost team you can build. So always strive to improve the best ghosts you have. A stronger ghost team is the only way to help you enter the ghost dimension to fight PVP. By winning the PVP battles, you will get rare items as rewards. With the rare resources, you can make your ghost even stronger. So it is a good idea to take part in these challenges every day.


use Ghostbusters World mod


The key to win the PVP battle and fight easily is to know your ghosts’ skills well and use them at the right time. Also make use of Ghostbusters World cheats is another simple way to clear all the battles.