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Metal Madness Cheats – Instant Crystals Hack to defeat your rivals

Metal Madness is a online multiplayer game which combines with racing and fighting together. You will load your horrible weapons and hit your gas to speed in the burning game. All you need to do is destroy your opponents’ vehicles as many as you can. The game will let you choose a your favorite vehicle from the armor metal library. You will experience an exciting racing fighting adventure in metal madness. If you want to crush your opponents deeply, you should read our Metal Madness cheats and tips before you play the game.



As we mentioned early you can choose one vehicle from metal library, so you have to make sure what type of cars you need. An attack type car or a defense type car, once you decide your armor vehicle, you should stick to it. This is because you have only few money in your wallet. So the best idea is save the money to upgrade your existing car. A top super sports car is a comprehensive vehicle that will give you a little bit of everything you need. Though the speed of this vehicle is very high, the control is not easy. Before you put it into arena, you should make sure you are familiar with its control.

Always to tune your vehicles frequently. To keep crushing your opponents, you have to improve your metal vehicles frequently. During the improvement of your vehicles, you should upgrade both power category and weapon category. Power category gives you a simple upgrade to improve the overall vehicle statistics such as its speed. On the other hand, weapon category will improve all your vehicles’ weapons. Crystal is the necessary resource to finish the upgrades. In case you need instant crystals, we give you Metal Madness hack to support your requirement. Most players have taken great advantage of this hack to defeat their rivals. If you don’t want to be the loser, you should follow theirs hacking strategy.


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Try different controls in the game. To win a racing, you also need to master how to avoid your opponents’ attack. So, how to control your vehicle becomes more and more important to players. The game have three buttons that allow you to control your vehicle behavior. Understanding how these buttons affect your vehicle is the key to crossing your rivals’ strike. Don’t be afraid to try them all and practice more!

That’s all for Metal Madness cheats and tips. If you have something special to share with us, just contact us via email.