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Ninja Girls Reborn Cheats – Tips to get more diamonds hack

Ninja Girls Reborn is an animated RPG style mobile game. This game will take you back to the ninja age. There, you will command your ninja girls to deal with mysterious events. Your ninja girls have more than 100 unique skills, you need to train them to master all the mysterious skills to fight for you. You also need to make up perfect tactical plans to keep winning in the fight. You may discover the learning curve is steeper than other games. But don’t worry, we will give some amazing Ninja Girls Reborn cheats and tips to help you get out of trouble!

Doing tasks as many as you can. Your ninja girls need more experience points to become more stronger. Keeping up with the tasks will help your girls achieve this goal! You will find all the available tasks by clicking the top task menu. Pick up any one you want to complete. Some of them are mandatory tasks. You have to finish them in order to make appropriate progress in the game. By completing tasks you will also earn more resources to improve your girls’ skills in the future.

Diamond is the rare item in this game. You can use diamonds to upgrade your girls’ skills and other status. When you start to play this game, you will get a welcome package as a start-up bonus, which contains a few diamonds. When you get these diamonds, you can use them to buy upgrade materials and experience boosters for your ninja girls. You can also claim your achievement after winning each ninja fight. The more battle you win, the more diamonds reward you can claim. Also you can spin roulette to win a big amount of diamonds. This is a good choice to test your luck. Beyond these ways, our favorite method to earn diamonds is to make use of Ninja Girls Reborn hack. It’s a easy tool to be mastered by every player. You will get unlimited diamonds by using this hacking service without doubt.

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Your ninja girls have five slots to fit their gear each one. You have to make sure to fill all the slots full with powerful items. But remember, you have only one chance to fit the slots. Once they are filled, no changes can be make any more. So think twice before fitting the proper items to your slots.

Overall, Ninja Girls Reborn is an amazing girls titled mobile game. You should give it a try if you have not played ninja type game before. And if you are in trouble when playing this game, you can get help from our Ninja Girls Reborn cheats tips!