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The Outlived Cheats – 3 Minutes guide to hack unlimited coins

The Outlived is one of the best survival games in this year. In this game, you find yourself in a barren wasteland with weapons in your hands. The city has become a wasteland, and the survivors are no longer human beings. The only goal in this game is survival. You must fight for resources, and find a way out of nightmare. All you have to do is fighting and fighting. To help you survive more longer in the game, we provide you The Outlived cheats and tips below.



Like other survival games, you need to find a shelter as your base firstly. Fortunately, the game has provide you a base at the beginning. You just need to activate it. You can tap the top right menu to locate your base and then activate it. Once your base is activated, you can build workbenches to produce the materials needed for production. One hint is that you can use coins to make the produce process run fast.

The most lethal things in the game are hunger and thirst. So you should produce food and water firstly using your workbenches. Also you can looking for food and water outside the map. Before going out of the map, you need to choose best weapons along with you. When you encounter zombies outside, you can try to escape from them. Even if you have good equipment, you should not fight with zombies everywhere. They are the most dangers things out there. Even a little scratch can infect you. If the corpse besieged you, the smart option is to run as fast as you can. If you have to fight, you should consider using remote weapons to assist you.

The most exciting part of the game is that you can customize your characters to whoever you want. You need fashions to customize your role. The only way to get fashions is purchasing using coins. To help you earn unlimited coins in this game, we share you The Outlived hack. This tool has ability to generate coins as many as you want.


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Finally, you should make a plan to upgrade your back bag. Your space of back bag decides how many items you can carry one time. This is vital to your survival. To increase your slots of back bag, you need to head to market section to purchase upgrades. The basic idea is to make the max upgrades as long as you can.

Surviving in the Outlived, you need wit, resourcefulness and quick response. But if you have read our Outlived cheats and tips, you will surely be alive in this game.