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Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive Cheats

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive Cheats – Get more crystals hack

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive is a new series of transformers titled mobile game. This time you will be able to experience an exciting car chases journey with bumblebee! Basically, you can control the Transformers Bumblebee and use the power supply to maximize its advantage. You can also recruit your own drivers like Optimus Prime, each of them has its own special abilities. The game allow you to race in the down street and shoot drones! In short, it promises to provide a racing fighting adventure for all ages. If you want to succeed in this game, you should follow our Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive cheats and tips carefully.



Keep your special abilities till you need them. Each transformer has its own ability. It’s wise to save them until you really need them. For example, Bumblebee can turn into robot mode. You should only use this transformation when you are fighting against the boss. When you are racing in the street, you will find out your path is full of enemies. There are two options for you to solve this situation. One is to avoid them as much as you can, the other is to kill them all with your weapons. My favorite choice is to eliminate the enemies as many as possible. Because this action will give you big rewards in the end.

You man also need to collect coins as many as you can. When you are racing in the Deception base, you can find lots of coins laying on the road. You goal is to try your best to collect them all. This will give you high scores in the racing end. You need to keep upgrade your robot’s ability if you want to remain competitive in the game. When talking to upgrade, you need to prepare lots of crystals in your account. Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive hack is always good tool to help you earn lots of crystals in this situation. So when you are lack of crystals, don’t be hesitate to try our hacking service.


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Unlock more robots cars once you can. As mentioned in the beginning, you can unlock other robots man to join your driving party. When you have enough crystals in your account, you should unlock other robots as soon as you can. Because this will give you more time to be familiar with their abilities. Power-up is usually used to gain an advantage over the opponent, so you should better equip some power UPS into your slots when they are available.

That’s all for Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive cheats and tips. We hope you do learn something from it. We also wish you defeat your bigger boss Decepticon in the game!