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Wild Beyond Cheats – Tips for getting more diamonds hack

Wild Beyond is a 3D PPV combat mobile game. The game provides colorful characters and solid quality of in-game effects for players. We can say that you will experience a high-action real time fighting in this game. You can build a strong heroic team to complete with your rivals in the senior battle arena. We can make sure that stay with our Wild Beyond cheats and tips, plus with a little patience, you will build a fairly powerful team of heroes that can defeat most enemies in the game.



Make a smart choice in the PVP fighting. Wild Beyond offers players a PVP mode. Every victory in this mode gives you PP(promoting point), and once you collect enough promoting points, you will be promoted to a new league. Once you are promoted, you will get gifts as rewards (usually they are diamonds). When choosing to fight or run away from a PVP battle, you should follow this basic rule. If the heroes of other players have higher ranks than you, and you do not have rare heroes in your team, we suggest you skip this battle. If your rivals’ heroes’ rankings is the same or lower than yours, you can participate in this fighting.

You should be aware that this game will give you lots of prizes when you log in daily. This is good chance to get some diamonds in the game. Though the amount is not big enough, they’re enough for you to elevate your most powerful hero a few times. If you really need large amount of diamonds, we recommend you try Wild Beyond hack. The most beneficial thing of using hacking service is that you will receive a large amount of diamonds without paying a single penny.


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Make good use of diamonds. Diamonds can be used to upgrade your heroes and unlock new heroes. If you have limited amount diamond, you should spend them wisely. My opinion is that keep the diamonds to spend them on unlock new powerful heroes. This is because, if you have no powerful heroes in your team, you will find it hard to win a battle. So at least you have one powerful hero, you will have chance to defeat your opponents. Keep in mind that diamonds only be used on important action if you are lack of them.

We believe that once you follow our Wild Beyond cheats tips carefully, you will create a strong and competitive heroes team.