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Zombie Rollerz Cheats – 3 Minutes to hack more Gems

Zombie Rollerz is a classic slingshot, and there is a little zombie mixed in good measures. Like any good pinball game, it is about the precise use of flippers. Instead of surviving zombie revelation, you will try to arouse it on the other side of the end of the world. Once you are confident in your own zombie tribe, you can send them to hunt all kinds of bosses, mutants and aliens. Playing Zombie Rollerz sounds easy, but if you want to make rapid progress, you need a good strategy. Below Zombie Rollerz Cheats tips and guides may help you learn everything you need to know about the game!



When you start to play, you will have very limited resources. It’s best to focus on research to make things easier. Considering that you have limited space for zombies, you need to make sure that each combination is valuable. Once you start attacking, you should focus on finding the perfect position. Remember, at any time, you can click the button on the left side of the screen to return the ball to your catapult. Zombies have always been considered the most effective tribes. The bigger your tribe, the stronger you become. When you squeeze zombies, pay attention to a seemingly unsuitable object. It’s very helpful to set up a destructive combination, because you learned Ursula’s ice wall capability. If your marble hits one of them, something useful will happen.

Upgrading buildings in zombies is the most useful tricks to defense your kingdom. You may end up in trouble if do not pay attention to upgrade ways. All building and character upgrades require gems. If you have litter gems in your store, you will eventually be trapped in your development. One way to harvest gems is to complete the daily missions. The players are able to claim a good amount of gems with ease after they have a perfect pinball. The other option for players who don’t want to pay money to get gems is to make use of below Zombie Rollerz Hack.


use Candy Crush Friends Saga mod


There are many achievements in the Task Book, just like events, but the difference is that they never expire. This means that you have more opportunity to win gems. The key here is to find a path that allows you to grow your hero with limited resources. For the in-game success, you also need to pay lots of attention to pinball abilities and heroes’ skills.